Our Story

We are storytellers. We are creative. 

We are passionate about translating concepts from script to screen.

Chip White is Stack 3 Productions. Chip is a South Carolina native, who got his start in entertainment news and reality TV in Los Angeles. When he landed in North Carolina, he gravitated to stories about real people and the places where they work, play and love. Woven into every project is a little bit of passion and faith. Every film, video or promo reflects our authenticity and creativity, and we take pride in producing something that is beautiful, educational, fun or functional, based on the needs of each client. No formulas here. We believe each story has a life of its own that must be fully realized on screen. 

CHIP WHITE - Producer/Writer/Actor


OUR CREW - We work with a talented group of independent Charlotte creatives. At Stack 3 Productions, we build our crews and our budgets according to the project, always emphasizing the right people for the job.

Previous life:

American Journal • Inside Edition • KingWorld Productions • Southern Steel (Lynchburg, VA) • Firehouse USA (Boston, MA)